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5. Time Ring

The Time Ring, Andover
The Time Ring, Andover

The Andover Time Ring commemorates Andover’s varied history. This mosaic and granite circle contains 12 sections, each depicting a particular period, from the Romans up to the Victorian times:

43 AD The Icknield and Portway Roman roads cross at East Anton.
994 AD Viking Olaf Tryggvason confirmed in Andover's church by Bishop Alphege.
1205 AD Royal Charter granted to Andover's merchants by King John.
1225 AD Weyhill Fair 'the greatest in the Kingdom".
1435 AD St Mary's church the main building surviving after the 'Great Fire'.
1500 AD The legendary Cockatrice lurked in the cellars of Wherwell Abbey.
1644 AD The English Civil War - a running battle fought through Andover.
1780 AD Andover an important coaching town on the road to London.
1846 AD The Andover Workhouse Scandal stirs the nation and Members of Parliament.
1900s AD Taskers of Anna Valley bring the Industrial Revolution to Andover.