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Andover Heritage Trail is a short but informative walk, providing a brief glimpse into the history of the town of Andover.

Starting from The Town Mills, the walk takes in Bridge Street and London Street, before heading up the High Street to St Mary's Church.

The walk takes about 1 hour to complete at a leisurely pace, and is suitable for all fitness levels. The walk is step free for the first 8 locations, from The Town Mills to Chantry Street and Marlborough Street. There are steps up to St Mary's Church, but an alternate step free route is to retrace your steps south to Newbury Street and then walk around to the eastern side of the church.

You can "pinch and zoom" on the map below to see the route and the waypoints. Clicking or tapping on the waypoint markers will show you their name, complete with a link through to the details page for the relevant point of interest.


1 mile (1.6km)


1 hour


Mostly flat and paved.


Wheelchair and buggy friendly

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Our trail begins at the Town Mills where farmers brought their wheat to be ground into flour.

Bridge Street is so named as it is where the River Anton flows through the town centre.  There is a Viking longship artwork placed in the river to commemorate the fact that Vikings visited the area in the 10th century.

London Street is so named as it used to be part of the main route from London to Exeter, now long since superseded by the A303.  Along this street there is a sundial that keeps Andover Time - 6 minutes behind London Time.

The High Street of Andover is a handsome collection of buildings dating from multiple eras. In Georgian times, Andover was one of the most important coaching towns in southern England. The jewel in the crown is Andover's magnificent Guildhall.

The Andover Time Ring commemorates Andover’s varied history. This mosaic and granite circle contains 12 sections, each depicting a particular period, from the Romans up to the Victorian times.

Reaching the Angel Inn at the top of the High Street you stand at the centre of medieval Andover. Here the route from the West Country going towards London met the route from the south going towards Newbury.

The Norman Arch is the only surviving section of the Andover Church, built after a fire in 1141.

At the top of the High Street are Chantry Street and Marlborough Street.  All of these streets are very old, and contain a collection of listed buildings.  Chantry Cottage was "the house that moved" as it was relocated here when the Chantry Shopping Centre was built.

St Mary's Church is an impressive building whose flag can be seen from all over town.  The church is actually not as old as you might think as it was built between 1844 and 1846.

The Andover Museum buildings were once home to Andover Grammar School, a foundation set up in 1571.

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