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9. St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church, Andover
St Mary's Church, Andover

In 1840, Pigot’s Hampshire described Andover as “handsome, thriving, well-built, populous”,with the church “an ancient edifice”. It certainly had a Norman tower and nave but the church was considered too small for the congregation.

It was also pronounced unsafe and in need of demolition. The benefactor, Dr William Stanley Goddard, a former headmaster of Winchester College, was determined to pay for a replacement. However “unsafe” it was it nevertheless resisted all attempts at demolition and the engineers had to resort to dynamite to get rid of it!

The present St Mary’s Church, completed between 1844 and 1846, is an impressive building of knapped flint and Caen Stone from France which was delivered to Andover via the Redbridge Canal. Look inside if the church is open - the interior is sensational.

St Mary's Church, Andover
"Monkey Puzzle" trees outside St Mary's Church, Andover

St Mary's Church
Marlborough Street
SP10 1NE
United Kingdom